Introduction of Literature

literatureLiterature is a part of the society, because it concerns with all human activities and expresses all sorts of human feeling, emotion and view of life. Moreover, it helps us to know the inner of someone’s life such as his attitudes, love, and other emotions. Indirectly, studying literature can help us to make some conclusion about what is better and worse in life, or at least gain an insight into some of the universal problems of mankind.
Literary work, especially novel usually concerns with fictitious people or events that are produced through the imagination of the author. Although the source of imagination or inspiration sometimes comes from reality, for instance, living society or politics, the results are mixed with the author’s interpretation of those events. Due to this, the production of a literary work is usually considered as the author’s imaginative invention or creative work of writing.
To analyze literary work, somebody has to know what literary work is and what aspect that is most important in that work. Literary work is an experience, thought, feeling, ideas and spirit of the writers, which are expressed in novel, drama, poetry and short story. More